A Second Chance at Life

Elisabeth was severely malnourished and stunted from a cleft lip and palate. Her parents were terrified she would die. But thanks to support from friends like you, Elisabeth was rushed into Mercy Ships’ Infant Feeding Program. Just two months later, she was healthy enough to have her lip repaired.

When Elisabeth was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, her parents were already struggling to provide for their children. They knew they could never afford to repair their daughter’s facial deformity. And it broke their hearts.

“I was really sad because I was thinking about her future,” said her mother, Therese. “I would never have any money to get any treatment.”

Adding to their pain, people in the village laughed at Elisabeth. They said that she would die and that there was nothing that could save her. Therese was terrified that they were right. Because of her cleft lip and palate, Elisabeth couldn’t nurse properly. Therese did not know what to do. She kept her baby alive by feeding her diluted condensed milk from a spoon. Still, Elisabeth wasn’t growing like a baby should.



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