What is Faith Defense?

FaithDefense.org is a case making ministry, created to show the reliability and accuracy of Scripture.  We answer challenging questions, address current issues and provide facts and evidence to help you understand Scripture.  Here your will find free articles, posts, relevant examples and other resources that you are welcome to reference, quote, copy or print as you see fit.

Regardless of what anyone may personally think or believe about Him, Messiah has been the dominant figure in the history of Western culture for almost twenty centuries [tooltip title=”~ Jaroslav Pelikan, historian (restated by author)”] ⊕[/tooltip].

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The mission of FaithDefense.org:

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  • Reveal the purpose of life: To know God and make Him known
  • Implement a case for the truth of Scripture
  • Present evidence to assist unbelievers and skeptics to overcome their doubts

It may be taken as historically certain that Peter and the disciples had experiences after the crucifixion in which He appeared to them as the risen Messiah [tooltip title=”~Gerd Lüdemann (restated by author)”] ⊕[/tooltip].

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What does FaithDefense.org Believe?

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  • We believe there is one God, who is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.
  • We believe Messiah gave His life for our iniquities, and through His sacrifice, we are extended the free gift of salvation which we can choose to accept or reject.
  • We believe God can be personally known and experienced if you honestly seek Him in your life.