Adam Brown

Adam is a case-maker who takes a reasonable approach in sharing the truth of Scripture, and often dialogues with skeptics and unbelievers. In the movie, “A Few Good Men”, Lt. Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) was a Navy lawyer tasked with defending two Marines, but Kaffee had little evidence working in his favor.  When his friend asked if he believed the marines were innocent, he makes the following statement: “It doesn’t matter what I believe, it only matters what I can prove“.  When it comes to the truth of Scripture, it’s definitely important to believe it’s reliable, but it’s also important to give evidence to support the belief.  In a world that has become very secularized and seeks to disprove God on a daily basis, Adam has tasked himself with providing these facts through articles, animations and audio clips. Some of the methods he uses to reach others are:
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  • Shares relatable stories and examples of changed lives
  • Presents scientific and philisophical evidence for God’s existence
  • Provides evidence of the historicity of Scripture
  • Demonstrates that belief in Messiah is evidence-based and testable.
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My Personal Testimony

From a young age, I’ve always been a questioner and was encouraged to be truth-seeker.  I was involved in ministry since the age of 11, and like most kids that grew up in a household that support the inerrancy of Scripture, I believed the truth about Messiah’s teachings and His miraculous life.

As I Got Older

During my sophomore year of high school, I visited a new congregation in Gardena California, and enjoyed everything about it.  I became friends with the pastor who was involved in planning outreaches, he held bible studies, lead nightly prayer meetings, organized concerts to share Messiah’s message through songs and skits, and he would constantly have the congregation over for fellowship.  He was very inspiring.

A few years after graduating high school, I realized that the things that I thoroughly enjoyed about this new congregation weren’t really happening anymore.  We weren’t having concerts, there were few fellowship nights, outreaches were scarce and my attendance seemed to have become more ritualistic and I was becoming increasingly disengaged from the lack of “new things” going on.  I never got to a point where I doubted God’s existence, but I had little desire to advance my “relationship” with our Lord.

What I didn’t realize all those past years, is I believed that God existed, but I never fully put my belief in God.

Danger Zone

I never got involved with foul language, smoking, drugs, alcohol, fornication or anything along those lines, so there was never a possibility of me leaving the church to pursue worldly desires like that. That stuff never interested me.  Okay, so maybe there was always an interest in fornication, but I was perfectly fine waiting for marriage (which I did).  I was ignoring the knowledge that through Messiah, life has real meaning, value and purpose.

It is only through Messiah, that our lives have true purpose.  – Colossians 3:4 (Restated by author)

Thank You

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to a good friend of mine, Pastor Peter Perez (the three “P’s”).  Peter is the head pastor at Praise Chapel Torrance, and it is because of him that I was able to persevere through my disjointed times.  As a friend, Peter constantly kept tabs on me, but was never bothersome about it.  He had a genuine interest in my relationship with God and would make sure I kept reading my Bible, reading other spiritually inspiring books, kept up with current events to dialogue with others and he made sure I was praying on a regular basis.  He was always there to pray for/with me when needed, and would stay at my house well passed midnight if the need was there. He always had the answers I needed to hear at the time, and I thank God every day for putting Peter in my life.  I can say with certainty, that without his friendship, I would be in a very different place in my life right now.

You’ll never fully know the positive impact your faith can make in the lives of others

Headed in the right direction…

I came to the realization that I knew a lot about what Scripture had to say about life, but I didn’t really have any way to back-up what I believed was true.  I always enjoyed sharing with people, but couldn’t effectively address the questions that required facts outside of Scripture. I realized that quoting scripture was meaningless to those who didn’t believe it was factual or authoritative. I really needed a way to back-up what I was sharing, but had no idea if it was even possible.

It didn’t matter what I believed, it only mattered what I could prove

I Love The Way God Works

While listening to the radio one day, I heard that there was going to be a Theist/Atheist debate on the existence of God, and both parties would be presenting facts to support their worldview. Because I struggled with the evidential aspect,  I was really interested to hear how someone could make a case for the truth of Scripture, especially when there is no tangible evidence that can be presented (at least I didn’t think there was real evidence).  Boy was I wrong!  Up until this point in my life, I never knew how much historical evidence we had access to, not to mention the support that science lends too.

I Found My Calling

Once I discovered the world of case-making (also referred to as apologetics), I realized how blind I’d been to the evidential truths and historical reliability of Scripture. The heavy-hitters that completely changed my perspective, are Dr. William Lane Craig, Dr. Frank Turek, Professor John Lennox, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, and Dr. Mike Licona. These men have such a wealth of knowledge that I could spend years upon years learning from them.  Shortly after listening to a few debates from these men, I started reading their published works, began researching and investigating areas of philosophy, science and cosmology, and that was it, I was hooked!


I believe in the teachings of Messiah and the reliability of Scripture, and am motivated to share His message with others.  I started this ministry to reach as many people around the world as possible, and I sincerely hope that YOU are one of those people.  This ministry comes to you free of charge and you are more than welcome to use any or all of the resources here, to help you come to your own conclusions, and discover what’s true.  I’d love to answer your questions, help you reach a friend, help grow your ministry and/or help you expand your knowledge.


A Bit More About Me

[tab] [tab_item title=”Family”]I am happily married to my high school sweetheart Kayla, and together we have two amazing daughters: Hailee and Hana[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Photography”]I am a professional photographer and enjoy covering weddings, snapping headshots and portraits. Feel free to see some sample work here[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Design”]I enjoy designing flyers, logos, business cards and sometimes websites (like this one)[/tab_item] [/tab]